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abhiTronix/vidgear: A High-performance cross-platform Video Processing Python framework powerpacked with unique trailblazing features

What is vidgear?

"VidGear is a cross-platform High-Performance Framework that provides an one-stop Video-Processing solution for building complex real-time media applications in python."

What does it do?

"VidGear can read, write, process, send & receive video files/frames/streams from/to various devices in real-time, and faster than underline libraries."

What is its purpose?

"Write Less and Accomplish More" — VidGear's Motto

"Built with simplicity in mind, VidGear lets programmers and software developers to easily integrate and perform Complex Video-Processing Tasks in their existing or newer applications without going through hefty documentation and in just a few lines of code. Beneficial for both, if you're new to programming with Python language or already a pro at it."